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This Tumblr is for my graphic designs, digital and film photographs, drawings, paintings, various other arty things as well as whatever i think merits retumblin'.

Horror movie posters from Japan

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Valérie Mesquita

Entre Nós - Just Between Us

Just Between Us - Entre Nós, in portuguese - is an independent photography project by someone who has had enough of hearing stories about women who are victims of violence inside their own homes - stories often about very close and dear people.

After some research on the subject and conversations with many women - about suffering acts of violence and not telling anyone, about suffering and speaking about it, about the devastating effect these events have in a person’s life, about seeking help, about fear, about guilt, about feeling impotent, about silence, about all the complexities which this theme englobes - this project was the way I found to take a stand, to say “I don’t agree”. (artist statement)

1. It’s ok. It was my fault.

2. Who would believe me?

3. The neighbors had to call the police.

4. I have nowhere else to go.

5. I’ve waited for him to change. It’s been eleven years now.

6. It started when I first got pregnant.

7. My mother asked me what I had done to cause this.

8. I haven’t told anyone.

9. I was in a coma.

10. Of course not, it was a bike accident.

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Photographer Shae DeTar (tumblr / flickr / facebook) - artist based in NYC.

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Photographer Kaija Straumanis (flickr / etsy / society6) - “A literary translator and editor whose life consists of languages, books - lots of lots of books - and photography. Throw in a bit of dark humor and some Latvian culture and you’ve pretty much figured me all out.”

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Edwin Howland Blashfield, Spring Scattering Stars

Edwin Howland Blashfield, Spring Scattering Stars

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